ABxStore.fi is closing

The Finnish online store of About:Blank is closing on 31 Jan 2015. Thank you for choosing us over the past years, and we’re looking forward to serving you back in near future. In the mean time, stay well…. more

Week 20, 2013 – Collaboration with Johanna Gullichsen

Johanna Gullichsen has always been our favorite woven textile designer and maker, a source of inspiration. We’ve always been enchanted with her sense of color combination, the delicacy of woven threads and the positive vibes of well-made products…. more

A:B at Arts Exposed, Art & Design Sale event on May 18-19 2013

On this weekend May 18-19, About:Blank is going to take part in Arts Exposed, an Art and Design Sale event in Helsinki…. more

Week 11, 2013 – Wood is Wood.

On March 11, Seungho and I drove to Halikko where Formesa, a manufacturer of About Blank Stand, locates. Since we do not own a car, we have been renting a car whenever needed and Smart from Benz has been the one we choose all the time…. more

Find About:Blank on Facebook!

Pleased to meet you. Welcome!… more

The 2nd promotion of About:Blank at Monoqi

‎2nd Promotion of About:Blank at Monoqi!!! This time, you can find all products of About:Blank with 10%~25% discount. Follow this link: https://monoqi.com/en/store/about-blank-wooden-design-02.html

Marquina 1961 croquet. Meet the 1st item of Friends Collection!

We found that Marquina 1961 croquet shares the essentials with what About:Blank products pursue, honesty and practicality, thus About:Blank introduce Marquina 1961 as the first item of Friends collection in ABxStore…. more

Meet A:B products at MONOQI with 14%-25% discount!

Meet About:Blank products at MONOQI with 14%-25% discount! The sales … more

Week 42, 2012 – A story of how A:B Bookshelf began

About:Blank just launched a new product, Bookshelf, at Habitare 2012 … more

week 40, 2012 – shooting New Stand

Since now we had new version of Stand with birch … more

About:Blank Stand will continue without cork top.

About:Blank Stand with cork top will be discontinued in production due to high error rate caused during manufacturing process, but continue with natural birch top…. more

Week 36, 2012 – Building About:Blank booth at Habitare 2012

From 6th to 11th September, Stefan, Seungho and Hyunsun had built About:Blank booth at Habitare…. more

Meet About:Blank at Habitare!

Meet us at Habitare, the biggest Furniture, Interior Decoration and Design Fair in Finland. About:Blank will present all of our products and introduce a new product! Our booth is located at 7p31 in the hall no.7, namely Ahead! section…. more

A:B exposed at Arts Exposed!

On May 26~27, A:B took part in an event called … more

Week 49, 2011 – Insuring a small business

Hyunsun shares how entrepreneurship is being aided and encouraged in Helsinki, and what it meant to us, About:Blank. … more

2 weeks exhibition at Common in Helsinki

A midnight footage on About:Blank’s 2 weeks exhibition at Commom from 28 Oc t to 10 Nov 2011. … more

Week 34, 2010 – registration of A:B in Finland

Besides the fair, there has been one thing to be … more

Week 33, 2010 – How to use a pallet?

We have ordered a pallet delivery service from a transportation … more

Week 33, 2010 – the finishing stroke

Until the fair a little less than a months is … more

Week 30, 2010 – Keep it steady.

What I have wanted to achieve joining About Blank is … more

Week 29, 2010 – too small to be a customer

We figured out that protecting pad should be attached underneath … more

Week 25, 2011 – boxing the Folding Chair

As we are aiming to launch our new products at … more

Week 16, 2010 – the 1st meeting with the Aaltonens

Since Seungho came up with new idea for our stand, … more

Week 12, 2011 – A:B Stand

Last year in New York it was a jaw-dropping experience … more

Week 13, 2010 – A fresh new start

Since Seungho and I are in Helsinki and Seunghoon is … more

Week 11, 2011 – making Folding Chair in Helsinki

Lately, I have been in touch with Sakari Paananen, a … more