ABxStore.fi is closing


You’ve read it right. We are closing the Finnish online store of About:Blank on 31 January 2015.

There are many reasons. Seungho has begun his doctoral study at Aalto University two years back and at the same time authored and created a course called Design for Government under the international master’s programme Creative Sustainability. As much as he enjoys doing triple role as a doctoral student, a course teacher, and co-founder of About:Blank, his physical limit has been reached.

Meanwhile, Seungho and I have become parents. Our little son is now 7 months old, and he keeps us busy taking care of him. He just began to crawl, and will soon walk and find the most dangerous places wherever he is. We want to keep him safe, and more importantly, we want to enjoy this moment as much as possible as it will never come back. Coming from Korea, raising a newborn in Finland without much support from family has proven rather tough.

These are two of few reasons why we have not been able to introduce new products, such as the bookshelf in collaboration with Orego Furniture or the case for our Notebook in collaboration with Johanna Gullichsen.

This doesn’t mean that we’re giving up everything. The Korean online store of About:Blank, ABxStore.kr continues to serve the local audience. Also, we are very slowly looking for ways to produce the products in Korea and distribute from Korea. This will save time and resources we’d spent to produce our goods in Japan and Finland. We will also look for ways to ship worldwide from Korea. We can’t, however, promise when this will happen as all of us four have their own day jobs.

You can continue purchasing our products until January 30 2015. After that, you will still be able to access the store front at http://abxstore-fi.ab.seungholee.com if you want to check your order.

We had a good run. Thank you for choosing us over the past years, and we’re looking forward to serving you back in near future. In the mean time, stay well.

With best wishes,

The About:Blank team

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