About:Blank Stand will continue without cork top.

the previous version with cork top

New Stand with birch top

About:Blank Stand with cork top will be discontinued in production due to high error rate caused during manufacturing process, but continue with natural birch top.

About:Blank team has tried to learn and understand the product manufacturing process, so from the beginning we have been aware of the difficulties of handling thin cork panel, which is very different from the character of wood veneer. The plywood compressing company, Formessa, which have put great effort to meet our needs could not avoid confronting many unexpected troubles the cork and wooden veneer made while compressed together. Consequently, it has brought about considerably high error rate in production, and those unlucky pieces have had no other option than wasted. Therefore, it has become a big burden to both of us. Since we have tried to understand the process and share the risk, we have decided to search for other better solution for this problem, and recently we have made a conclusion to continue it with natural birch top version instead of cork top. It works as perfectly good as the one with cork top does, and, moreover, the natural grain is revealed.

We still have few stocks of the stand with cork top and ABxStore will carry them until sold out.

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