week 40, 2012 – shooting New Stand

Since now we had new version of Stand with birch wood top surface, new images had been required. We contacted to the studio which we rented last year to take photos of the Folding Chairs, but unfortunately it closed. Therefore, we started searching for any probable rental studios with necessary equipments, proper size space(not too big, not too small) and, accordingly, reasonable price. Finally we found one studio called Studio Blank located quite near.

The Studio Blank is owned and run by three photographers and rented to any people in need of a space to shoot photos in intended setting. The person I contacted was Marco Melander, a professional photographer, who dedicatedly gave us advices to select adequate equipments in order to pull out the best results.

We took photos of the new Stand in white background and ordinary table setting presenting the example of usage. Apart from the accident Seungho dropped his camera and broke one of his lenses, everything went smooth and the shooting was completed by 10pm, started at 6pm.

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