Meet us at MOCA

Now you can meet our notebooks at any of three campuses of National Museon of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Seoul National Capital Area: MOCA Gwacheon known for being featured in Art Museum by the Zoo (1998), MOCA Deoksugung in Deoksugung Palace and finally MOCA ULL that is newly being built to open in 2013 in Samcheong-dong.

MOCA Gwacheon

MOCA Gwacheon store

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Opening hours
Mon closed
Tue-Fri 10-18 (17 Nov-Feb)
Sat-Sun 10-21 (20 Nov-Feb)

MOCA started as a small exhibition space in Gyeongbokgung in 1969 and moved to Seokjojeon Hall, and in 1986 MOCA moved to Gwacheon to accommodate a larger collection with international pieces. Although Gwacheon is a favorable city for family visitors for the museum as well as a theme park, botanic garden, and a zoo, the museum has been being rather difficult to reach due to the scarcity of the public transportation. Consequently in 1998 MOCA Deoksugung reopened in the west hall of Seokjojeon in Deoksugung, and now another wing is being built in Samcheong-dong for even more exposure of contemporary art to the general public.

MOCA Deoksugung


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Opening hours
Mon closed
Tue-Thu 10-19
Fri-Sun 10-21

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