2nd Quality Stand with cork top


A little bit burnt.

Some of you might have known, we have been offering our 2nd quality products on our online store. As any other manufacturers do, we also have had quite a bit of problem in prototyping and manufacturing, and we thought it is such a waste of material if we through them away just because of their look.

2nd Quality About:Blank Stand does everything the 1st class Stand does, but there is a small flaw that prevents it to be priced equally. These products have a little part of the cork surface damaged, but they all works perfectly well and have no problem to hold your precious laptop. The business-as-usual approach would be either landfill or incineration, but we wanted the products find right owners with respect and sympathy toward the precious natural resources.

We still have some left, so if you’re interested, order now.


A little bit pressed.

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