ABxStore is open!

About:Blank’s online store, ABxStore is finally open!

You can find all of our current and future products on ABxStore, and we will also introduce goods by other producers that share the essential principle of usefulness and simplicity as namely Friends Collection. We deliver most of our products to European countries and North America, but unfortunately, the Folding Chair can only be delivered within Finland for now due to shipping cost and insurance issues.

The ABxStore looks surprisingly similar to our website, doesn’t it?

ABxStore will also offers discount on the 1st Generation Notebook and 2nd quality Stand under ‘On Sale‘. A 2nd quality Stand has a cosmetic flaw that prevents it to be priced equally. However, it works perfectly well and has no problem to hold your precious laptop. The business-as-usual approach would be either landfill or incineration, but we want the products find right owners with respect and sympathy toward the precious natural resources.

Welcome to ABxStore!!!

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