Meet A:B Notebooks at SeMA.

One of my favorite places in Seoul SeMA: Seoul is Seoul Museum of Art that still preserves its old figure and the surroundings of it calms me down. In the beginning of December, Ms. Soh from Design Pilot, a retail shop also carrying our product, told me that the museum shop of SeMA showed interests in carrying A:B Notebooks. I made a chance to talk on the phone to a person in charge of the museum shop. After a meeting in person, we agreed to provide the shop with A:B Notebooks from December 15, 2011 corresponding to the beginning of a new exhibition. It feels great to have our product a link to a place I have admired.

The facade of SeMA

The museum shop is located in the main building, namely, Seo So Moon which used to function as the Supreme Court in the past. Actually the building was built by Japanese on the spot where Pyung Li Won, the first court in Korea, stood when Korea was under Japanese rule in 1928 and was named Kyung Sung Court. After independence the building had served as the Supreme Court and has become Seoul Museum of Art since 2002. The facade of SeMA has been regarded as a well-preserved symbol of historical and architectural value and hence it has become designated the 237th cultural heritage of South Korea.

The stone wall road leading up to the SeMA

You would be able to be in the garden of the SeMA, as tracking up to a beautiful path laid along with the stone wall of Deok Su Gung. The nickname of the wall is ‘couple-seperating-path’ probably because the Family Court was located at the Supreme Court and many divorced couples passed by here, but do not worry it was just a funny coincidence. Walking further, you would reach at the SeMA, and will find A:B Notebook at the museum Shop.

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Opening hours
Mon closed
Tue-Fri 10 ~ 20
Sat Sun 10 ~ 19 (18 Nov – Feb)

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