A:B Notebook’s product description has changed

There has been one incident that one of our customer has destroyed his beloved About:Blank notebook by wiping it with wet cloth. The initial idea was to let our customers know that they can use damp cloth carefully to remove white dusts on a black or red notebook as our cover is stronger than ordinary paper although it is not plastered. We decided to remove the cleaning part in the product description because the cover is nevertheless 100% paper and how wet and how careful remain rather ambiguous.


Keep clean, easily.
Although the cover doesn’t easily get dirty, you can still keep it clean by using an eraser or by wiping it with a wet cloth. The cover of About Blank notebook is semi-waterproof though it isn’t plastered.


100% paper, easily recyclable.
The cover of About Blank notebook is not plastered, even the binding is 100% paper so that you can put the whole notebook into paper-recycling bin when dispose.

We apologized aforementioned customer for the miscommunication and we provided with an identical About Blank notebook through Konst-ig. Again we sincerely apologize the customer publicly here at our website because an identical notebook is still not the same as the used one.

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