A5 148 × 210 × 12 mm / A6 105 × 148 × 12 mm
3 colors – A6, A5 in Black, Red, Ivory
160 pages, Japanese acid-free paper, Cooter Binding

Fabricated in Nagano, Japan
by Shibuya Bunsenkaku

No logo, but you
Once you open the package, About:Blank notebook doesn’t have any further brand indication, such as logo or website address, and therefore solely becomes yours.

Open fully, flat.
The newly patented binding technique allows the notebook to open fully and hence gives you more space. The A6 notebook becomes A5 sized, and the A5 notebook becomes A4 sized.

Tear off, when you need to.
The new binding also allows you to tear off a page when needed without other pages falling down.

White, squared lines
Printed on both sides, white, squared lines help you have organized notes without intention. Otherwise you can ignore and make drawings as the lines will not appear when your notes are copied or scanned.

Opaque, visually ergonomic acid-free paper
Thick, opaque and acid-free paper, specially designed for eye comfort, allows both sides of each sheet to be used.