Shibuya Bunsenkaku
Nagano, Japan
Shibuya Bensenkaku made it possible to make the Notebook that is so light and useful thanks to the patented technique – Cooter Binding. They have been helping us produce our notebook from 2009, and it has been an excellent journey for us. Bookbinders, take note: Shibuya Bunsenkaku is now seeking to export their patented binding technique. Drop us a line as we are taking care of the English communication for Shibuya Bunsenkaku.

Salo, Finland
Formesa is a plywood compressing company run by the Aaltonen family. Founded in 1984, they have been providing high quality products to various industries in Finland including furniture, interior and marine. As a small yet flexible company, Formesa is passionately helping us realize our imagination. You can contact Rami Aaltonen directly if you’re interested in working with them.

Punavuoren Puuhevonen
Helsinki, Finland
Punavuoren Puuhevonen is a leading woodwork and carpentry firm in Helsinki. Founded in 1995 by Sakari Paananen, the firm is among Finland’s top providers of quality and craftsmanship in woodwork. The name of the firm – Wooden Horse of Red Hill – derives from the firm’s first location in the Punavuori neighborhood, now one of the most lively neighborhoods in Helsinki. You can reach them directly via email.