About:Blank goes into hibernation.

About:Blank goes into full hibernation. We wrote this lengthy goodbye because we thought some young designers who may follow their passion like we did…. more

ABxStore.fi is closing

The Finnish online store of About:Blank is closing on 31 Jan 2015. Thank you for choosing us over the past years, and we’re looking forward to serving you back in near future. In the mean time, stay well…. more

10-20% New Year Sale, 18 Dec – 12 Jan

ABxStore Finland will go on New Year Sale from 18 December, 2013 to 12 January, 2014, but please note that orders received during the New Year Sale will be dispatched on 13 January, 2014. … more

15% Summer Sale Jun 15 – Aug 18 but dispatch on Aug 19 2013

ABxStore Finland will go on Summer Sale from June 15 … more

A:B at Arts Exposed, Art & Design Sale event on May 18-19 2013

On this weekend May 18-19, About:Blank is going to take part in Arts Exposed, an Art and Design Sale event in Helsinki…. more

Find About:Blank on Facebook!

Pleased to meet you. Welcome!… more

The 2nd promotion of About:Blank at Monoqi

‎2nd Promotion of About:Blank at Monoqi!!! This time, you can find all products of About:Blank with 10%~25% discount. Follow this link: https://monoqi.com/en/store/about-blank-wooden-design-02.html

ABxStore Christmas Sale, 25 Nov – 20 Dec

ABxStore.fi offers Christmas discount from 25 November until 20 December 2012. A good chance to give AB products as presents to loved ones with 10-20% discount!

Marquina 1961 croquet. Meet the 1st item of Friends Collection!

We found that Marquina 1961 croquet shares the essentials with what About:Blank products pursue, honesty and practicality, thus About:Blank introduce Marquina 1961 as the first item of Friends collection in ABxStore…. more

Meet A:B products at MONOQI with 14%-25% discount!

Meet About:Blank products at MONOQI with 14%-25% discount! The sales … more

About:Blank Stand will continue without cork top.

About:Blank Stand with cork top will be discontinued in production due to high error rate caused during manufacturing process, but continue with natural birch top…. more

Thank you all we met at Habitare 2012!

Habitare has ended! We would like to thank you all we met at the Messukeskus as well as to those who could not make it but sent us regards. … more

Meet About:Blank at Habitare!

Meet us at Habitare, the biggest Furniture, Interior Decoration and Design Fair in Finland. About:Blank will present all of our products and introduce a new product! Our booth is located at 7p31 in the hall no.7, namely Ahead! section…. more

ABxStore is open!

You can find all of our current and future products … more

A:B exposed at Arts Exposed!

On May 26~27, A:B took part in an event called … more

Meet A:B Notebooks at YOUR-MIND, Seoul.

I heard of ‘YOUR-MIND’ from one of my friends that it is a small bookstore both online and offline. I was intrigued by the fact that it was not just an ordinary bookstore selling same books as large bookstores but they help people make independent books and sell them in their stores. The online store is full of books made by individuals as well as small independent publishers. I also felt like to create my own as I looked through those books created with passion and determination…. more

Meet us at MOCA

Now you can meet our notebooks at any of three … more

Meet A:B Notebooks at SeMA.

One of my favorite places in Seoul SeMA: Seoul is … more

2 weeks exhibition at Common in Helsinki

A midnight footage on About:Blank’s 2 weeks exhibition at Commom from 28 Oc t to 10 Nov 2011. … more

Making A:B Folding Chair

A three-minute video on making of About:Blank Folding Chair. … more

Online retail partner in UK!

Now you can purchase About:Blank Notebook from Toothpic Nations!… more

How A:B Stand is made

We couldn’t reveal the designing and manufacturing process of About:Blank … more

Thank you all we met at Code11

Code11 ended today. We would like to thank you all … more

Meet new A:B notebook

About:Blank has been producing and distributing notebooks for two years … more

A:B goes to Good Design Expo 2010.

About:Blank is exhibiting at the Good Design Expo in Tokyo. … more

Meet A:B Notebooks at Minimal Goods in North America.

We’ve got a good news for those who inquired how … more

Meet A:B Notebooks at Property Of in Amsterdam

Property Of has derived from a very simple and strong … more

A:B Notebooks at On Sundays in Tokyo, Japan

On Sundays is a place where you can enjoy the … more

A:B Notebooks at Strangelets, Singapore

Strangelets has a few guiding principles; Strangelets works closely with … more

A:B Notebook’s product description has changed

There has been one incident that one of our customer has destroyed his beloved About:Blank notebook by wiping it with wet cloth. The initial idea was to let our customers know that they can use damp cloth carefully to remove white dusts on a black or red notebook as our cover is stronger than ordinary paper although it is not plastered. We decided to remove the cleaning part in the product description because the cover is nevertheless 100% paper and how wet and how careful remain rather ambiguous. … more

A:B Notebooks in Stockholm – Konst-ig

Konst-ig is the largest independent art bookshop in Scandinavia founded … more

Meet A:B at Angers Ravissant Shinjuku

We are very happy to provide Angers Ravissant Shinjuku with … more

Meet us in Osaka! Neustädt in Mino-shi

Form follows function in Neustädt Mino. Neustädt carefully selects and … more

A:B in Kyoto – Angers Kawaramachi

With their collection of three floors, Angers Kawaramachi offers distinctive … more

Meet Stitch at a new location

Stitch has moved to New Marunouchi building to better serve … more

A:B at Hongik Art and Design Shop in Seoul

Now you can meet About Blank Notebook at Hongik Art … more

A:B Notebooks at Design Shop

Designshop in Tokyo Azabu introduces modest, not so trendy yet … more

Second Hotel in Seoul is going under renovation

Our dear partner Second Hotel is currently going under renovation. … more

Meet About:Blank at Papershop in Helsinki

The selection of Papershop covers paper products from designers around … more

Meet A:B at Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp, Belgium

Graanmarkt 13 is a special House, where each and every … more

About:Blank at Mid-Century Modern in Tokyo

Now you can meet About:Blank Notebooks at Mid-Century Modern on … more

Meet About:Blank at Stitch in Tokyo

Stitch has a large collection of various design products including … more

Meet A:B notebooks at Common in Helsinki

Common aims to communicate the shared life-style of Japanese and … more

Meet A:B at Second Hotel in Seoul

Second Hotel is a very special gallery and shop embracing … more

Meet A:B in Artek, Finland.

You can meet About Blank notebooks at three cities in … more

Meet A:B in Design Pilot, Seoul.

You can meet About Blank notebooks at Design Pilot on … more

Thank you all we met during 100% Design London.

We met 43 trade visitors, 23 press visitors and more … more

A:B goes to 100% Design London.

About:Blank is exhibiting at a contemporary interior design exhibition in … more